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As a new breastfeeding mom, what will you need? Turn to the maternity and nursing experts at A Pea in the Pod to find out. Busy moms love the freedom offered by the Medela Freestyle hands free breast pump, especially when used with hands free nursing bustiers by Easy Expressions and Simple Wishes. To preserve your modesty while nursing, we also recommend stylish nursing covers by Peanut Shell and Hooter Hiders.

And of course, to protect your nursing bras from breast milk leakage you'll need nursing pads. Nursing bra pads are available in disposable or washable varieties, from top nursing brands like Medela and Lansinoh. Choose the nursing pads that work best for you. Our most popular seller is LilyPadz - these nursing pads are made of silicone and actually prevent breastmilk leakage instead of just absorbing it.



Nursing Pads & Accessories
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