Your name:


Your due date  & baby’s gender:

Early September, having a girl.

Favorite A Pea in the Pod Piece:

The maternity leggings! I literally wear leggings almost every day at this point.  

In part two of our interview series with model Devon Windsor, we shifted gears from pregnancy to chat self-care, business, and gratitude rituals (plus she gives us the scoop on the backstage beauty product that every makeup artist swears by). She also talks more about her label, which started as a swimwear brand and now carries tops, bottoms, & more, as well as styles for men. 

Best Quality:

I would have to say my positive attitude. I try to always approach things in a positive light!

Favorite Piece from A Pea in the Pod: 

The maternity leggings! I literally wear leggings almost every day at this point. I love that they can be dressed up or down. 

Her Namesake Brand & Label, Devon Windsor: 

I have always wanted to build my career in as many ways as possible. Whether that is influencing, modeling, acting, etc. I always knew I wanted to have my own brand one day. Swimwear was something I felt passionate about, and something I was excited to create! Since then, we have launched not only swim, but also coverups, sunglasses, men’s, children’s, and athleisure. 

Modeling Insight: 

I wish I knew how lonely and difficult it would be. Especially in those early years.  

On Self-Care & “Me” Time: 

It is difficult to find “me” time as I always have a lot going on, which I love! I would just say I always prioritize being active and getting my weekly acupuncture in. I have tried to maintain working out 3-5 times a week. Nothing intense - usually I do a 30-minute prenatal sculpting, or I go for a walk. 

On Self-Love: 

 Honestly, I am a busy-body and like to keep myself and my schedule jam-packed! It makes me feel the most fulfilled. I do always take time to take care of myself whether it is through working out, taking a bath, watching a good TV show, cooking or doing a face mask.  

Happy Place: 

At the beach and by the ocean surrounded by my friends, my family, and my dog! 

Beauty Routine vs. Pregnancy Routine:  

My routines are always changing based on the climate and the season. Especially now that I am pregnant – so besides belly butter and oil, I would say it’s more about the products that I can’t use and have to cut out because they aren’t pregnancy safe. I have a YouTube channel where I share all my updated routines and the products I am loving! 

Glamorous Moment:  

It’s hard for me to pick out one moment, as I have been given the opportunity to go to so many amazing events and get glammed up by a whole professional team. 

Backstage Secrets: 

The Bioderma makeup remover – it’s used by every famous makeup artist in the world! It is the best. 

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