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California Transparency Act


We do not condone the use of child, forced or trafficked labor and believe, as a matter of principal, that domestic and international laws designed to protect workers in the garment industry are necessary and important. All Suppliers are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct and conduct business in an ethical and lawful manner and that all workers making our products are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

Maternity OPCO supports the intent of the ‘California Transparency in Supply Chains Act’ and is committed to the following efforts to ensure the absence of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain:

  • INDEPENDENT AUDITING: We require annual independent audits using accredited third-party inspection authorities aligned with Maternity OPCO Terms of Engagement and Social Compliance Policy. When noncompliance is discovered, Suppliers are required to provide a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) including timeline for remediation. Factories with critical compliance issues that cannot be reasonably resolved will be terminated.

  • SUPPLIER CERTIFICATION: Suppliers are required to Certify their Factories annually under the Maternity OPCO Vendor Certification Process, certifying that the manufacture of our products is free from slavery and human trafficking. The Certification process enables Suppliers to guarantee that they are in compliance with legislation pertaining to slavery and human trafficking in the countries where they operate, and this is verified during annual / bi-annual factory visits conducted by external and internal resources.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Maternity OPCO publishes a Code of Conduct which all Suppliers must acknowledge in writing annually. Disciplinary action, including termination, will be taken for noncompliance. In addition, our agreements with our Vendor Management Partners includes but is not limited to requirements to follow Maternity OPCO compliance standards including posting of our Code of Conduct at all Supplier locations as well as training guidelines to ensure our Code of Conduct is adhered to.