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wonder. whimsy. wild.

a vibrant collection, made with Liberty Fabric

A vibrant collection, made with Liberty Fabric.

Fun frocks, playful swimwear, woven tops, and versatile pajamas.


D'Anjo Sky

Alicia Bell


about the fabric

More on Tana Lawn™: the signature silk-like fabric in the collection.

A famous masterpiece of fabric technology, Tana Lawn™ is fine, cool and durable with a silk-like feel. A perfect fabric quality to achieve a brilliant reproduction of Liberty’s rich textile designs. Its bespoke process has been fine-tuned by Liberty Fabrics experts over the last 100 years, advancing the products performance, perfecting the printing quality and detail that can be achieved. Today, Tana Lawn™ is continually evolving as Liberty Fabrics refines its methods and works with new technologies to secure its reputation as the best printed cotton available.


the heritage

There’s a unique history behind this collection—one that begins in Soho, London.

There’s a unique history behind this collection—one that begins in Soho, London.

Shortly after opening on Regent Street London in 1875, Arthur Liberty became renowned for his silks. By the 1890s Liberty Fabrics was a byword for the very best of avant-garde textile design. Today, every bolt of Liberty fabric is the product of a bespoke production process: hand drawn or painted by the in-house design team in London, Soho. Transformed onto fabric at Liberty’s own Italian printing mill, near Lake Como. Liberty Fabrics are created by skilled technicians who oversee the production of over 300 different designs every year.